SCG Chemicals Expands Partnership with DuPont

SCG Chemicals has selected DuPont Sustainable Solutions to continue SCG Chemicals’ focus on innovation management. The partnership will enable SCG Chemicals to develop and bring to market high value-added products, and will build on the long-standing relationship DuPont has with SCG Chemicals to advance its operational excellence journey, the company stated.

“We are appreciative and proud of the trust SCG Chemicals has placed in DuPont for the next phase of their operational aspiration aimed to strengthen their position in the marketplace,” said Srinivasan Ramabhadran, regional leader Asia Pacific for DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

According to SCG Chemicals, the focus on innovation management will transform the company’s ability to develop new high performance products in high value-added market segments. The capability to develop and market these products will help insulate SCG Chemicals’ profitability from the very cyclical commodity polymer market downturns, the company stated.