ACA Presses Infrastructure Investment with President, Congress



On Feb. 1, ACA along with some 400 organizations sent a letter to President Trump and members of Congress, urging investment in rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. ACA, as part of the coalition, maintained that new investment is required to improve upon the stopgap efforts of the last decade, and urged passage of a balanced infrastructure investment plan that will lift our nation’s economy and improve our transportation network.

ACA support for Congressional action to modernize the nation’s infrastructure is one of its top federal priorities. Paints and coatings protect the surfaces to which they are applied, and as such, will significantly contribute to any effort to improve our infrastructure including, but not limited to:

  • Coatings for water transmission, which improve the pipeline infrastructure and serve as an internal lining and a corrosion-resistant external coating, for both potable and non-potable water transmission pipelines;
  • Coatings applied to steel structures that slow or delay the corrosion process and significantly extend the life of the steel by 15 or more years, even in offshore environments;
  • Coatings for the railroad industry that reduce the potential for derailments; prevent shifting or movement from the force of passing trains; and permanently protect rail structures from corrosion and abrasion by strengthening existing metal structures; and
  • Traffic marking paint, which provides safety to millions of motorists.

“We can no longer afford to underinvest in the infrastructure that Americans rely on in our daily lives,” the letter stated. “Any responsible proposal must provide improvements to all types of infrastructure throughout the country and address large important projects that make our businesses more competitive by reducing shipping, commuting, water and energy costs.”

“At the same time, your administration and Congress must restore solvency to the Highway Trust Fund to ensure that the federal government can maintain a state of the art infrastructure system. This will require a commitment to a long-term, reliable, dedicated, user-based revenue source for the Highway Trust Fund and the effective surface transportation programs it supports…Failure to resolve the issues facing the trust fund prior to the expiration of the current law in 2020 will require you to make a decision to either pass additional short-term stopgap measures or find a $110 billion off-set to pass a long-term bill that will at best maintain current funding levels that do not meet our transportation infrastructure needs. Absent long-term stability for the Highway Trust Fund, many projects critical to the efficient movement of people and goods have the real potential to be backlogged or never built. Further, mounting deferred maintenance could cause current infrastructure to fall into an even greater state of disrepair.”

The coalition letter underscored that an infrastructure plan must not only encourage greater participation from the private sector in infrastructure projects and reduces needless red tape, but also provide real revenue for the Highway Trust Fund that will help the users and beneficiaries of America’s transportation and freight network. Private financing, while important and needed, cannot replace the role of public funding and federal leadership.

ACA supports legislation that provides for a broad-based investment in infrastructure repair, including increased public and private funding; a state of the art information and telecommunications system; modern road, wastewater and drinking water systems; and improved inland waterways and ports. ACA believes such action by Congress will create jobs and positively stimulate the nation’s economy.

Contact ACA’s Heidi McAuliffe for more information.